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What Are People Saying About Traffic and Profits?
"The way you guys approach this just ties everything that we all see in our lives together in a simple, easy to follow plan. We all see this stuff going on all the time - you are connecting the dots on what is actually going on. You guys cut through all the noise to the chase and it is awesome!!"
Steve - Traffic And Profits Student
Steve - Traffic And Profits Student
"Amazing content! You laid out a clear path for finding what content to create in your niche and how to drive the traffic."
Michael - Traffic And Profits Student
"It was helpful having the real world examples of brands, websites, and youtube channels that are doing each of these major items well. Thanks!"
Melissa - Traffic And Profits Student
Melissa - Traffic And Profits Student
"This content has opened my eyes to the possibility of funnels. It is something that I have been thinking about but most "GURU's" only talk about selling on Amazon and some may mention sales funnels, but NEVER go into this. It is great to know where I need to go."
Robert - Traffic And Profits Student
"This class has opened my eyes to the fact that I have been doing everything backwards in my approach and I now have a clearer understanding on how to create content and engaging my community first to help sell my product second."
Colleen - Traffic And Profits Student
Colleen - Traffic And Profits Student
Watch Bill's Testimonial
"Scott is successful at what he's doing and he has a real passion for sharing that with other people." - Bill
Watch Bill's Testimonial
"He's amazing at being able to drill it down to the must haves, the things you really have to do, but at the same time he gives you a glimpse of what's possible." - Jarrod
"He has a strong work ethic and he really believed in the people he was mentoring or talking to in the podcast."
- Keith
"Scott makes it very real and makes it feel very doable. Believing that you can do it makes it a lot easier to go out and be successful at it."
- Melissa
"Scott, I'm absolutely loving the direction you've taken with your PACE method! My one apprehension about starting an ecommerce store has been fear of following guidance form an influencer that really don't have my best interest at heart... I think that's why I resonate so much with your PACE method. Building a brand is the part I'm most excited about and the customer experience as a whole. Now solely focus on your ecommerce podcast and I feel like I'm set up for a great start in my ecommerce endeavors!"
-Laura Johnson, TAS Listener
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